ETCS INC is an Engineering, Tooling, Components systems company located at
275 Executive Drive, Troy, Michigan, 48083. As its name suggests, ETCS has  
four distinct lines of business

Engineering: This includes product optimization, manufacturing feasibility via
CAE, Stamping Tool Design, Injection Mold Design, Fixture design. Our
customers  are primarily North American OEMS & Tier 1's. eg.
- Stamping Die Design for Ford Motor Company
- Advanced Stamping feasibility and Stamping Die and gage-R buyoffs using
Cognitens white light system for General Motors and Tier suppliers.
-BIW virtual builds and Assembly troubleshooting for Chrysler using ATOS GOM
blue light system

Tooling:  ETCS builds over a 100 stamping dies,  injection molds and fixtures a
year. Very large and 2 shot tools are primarily build in USA, small and medium
size tools are build in low cost countries across the globe in China, S. Korea,
UAE, India, Thailand etc. However these tools are landed, grained, modified if
necessary  and bought off in North America.

Components:  ETCS supplies Interior and exterior Plastic parts and Assemblies  
(Injection molded up to 1000 T).  eg. - door handles, air vents for automotive,
appliance and furniture industry. Aluminum die cast and machined components   
for Powertrain.

Staffing: This includes short term & long term contract labor for the OEM & Tier's
Tiers suppliers.

Minority Business Enterprise (MMSDC Certified)
275 Executive Drive, Troy, MI 48083
Phone: 248-763-9467, 586-268-4870 Fax: 248-281-0592