2003 Businessman of the year
National Leadership Award
Ravi Kapur
President & CEO

Mr. Ravi Kapur earned his Bachelor’s ( B.Tech)  degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT
Kanpur, India  in 1981 and his Masters in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from
University of Missouri- Rolla, USA in 1984.

Mr Kapur has worked in the arena of Automotive Engineering & Design, Tooling &
Components for the last 29 years (since 1984) in the metro- Detroit area. He spent the first
14 years of his early career gaining valuable Engineering & Management experience and
establishing valuable contacts within the Automotive OEM’s and Tier suppliers working for
following automotive OEM & Tier 1 suppliers:  GENERAL MOTORS, FORD, FUJI

In 1998 Mr Kapur went  the entrepreneur route and joined 3D Solutions a start-up
company with a couple of other partners. As President & Chief Operating Officer of  3D
Solutions, he grew 3D Solutions from its infancy to approx. 65 people and 6.5 million in
revenue within 5 years. Under his leadership 3D Solutions won the “Future 50 companies
of Detroit”  award from the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce for the top- fifty fastest
growing companies.

In  mid 2003, Mr Kapur started  ETCS INC as a sole proprietor  focusing primarily on
Engineering, Tooling & Components Systems.In last 5 to 7 years ETCS has established
itself as a major Engineering, Tooling and Component supplier to the Automotive
OEM's and Tier suppliers.